How to apply for the competition?
What is the distance limitation of pulling in?

There is no limitation this year, you can pull in on both Northern and Southern shore as much as you wish.

When do the competitors have to arrive at the location of the fishing competition?

The latest arrival time is 11:00 AM on 30th September 2017.

How many members allowed to be in a group?

Minimum 3 members. Maximum 4 members. Everyone is a team member of full value.

Is it allowed to use a boat?

Using a boat is allowed. Also can be used for taking equipments into the lake. Indentation allowed.

Is it allowed to go into the water?

Yes, you can. But only until the surface of the water reaches your chest, and only for the purpose of throwing and bailing.

Is it allowed use braided pitcher rig?

Yes you can use! Braided mainline can be used also, but this way you must use at least 10 meterminimum of 50 mm monofilament.

What does Day 0 mean?

14:00 Bouncy castle, children programs, chat, campfire, pálinka competition (everyone praises their own), contest, valuable prizes
18:00 Cauldron dinner
This program is optional. Everyone is welcome who arrives on Friday.