1st place: Challenge Cup + 1 000 000 HUF cash + 500 000 HUF voucher
+ cup for all team members + medal

2nd place: Cup for all team members + medal + 900 000 HUF voucher

3rd place: Cup for all team members + medal + 500 000 HUF voucher

Prize for the biggest fish: Cup + 600 000 voucher

Sector prizes

Sector winner team: Cup for all team members 300 000 HUF voucher

Sector 2nd place: 150 000 HUF voucher

Sector 3rd place: 75 000 HUF voucher

If no fish caught in a sector than the sector prizes will be raffled off amongst the sector's teams.

Each team can win only one prize except for the biggest fish prize. E.g if the sector winner is at 3rd place of the total competition than the sector prize will go to the second team and so on.

All participants receive a certificate at the announcement. (Except those who fail to give their names within one week prior to the start of competition.)

North vs South prizes

From the 35 northern and 35 southern teams those that catch the most in total weight will receive the special prize. If there are more teams on north or south then the teams catching the least in weight will be excluded.

The prize is 50 000 HUF worth of gifts. The same prize will be given to all 35 teams.