Thursday, 27th September 2018



Opening of the team registration. Location: Révfülöp, Halász street 1. Exhibition hall (Registration, withdrawing the order of drawings of the next day's venue. "The order of pulling out the venue of the competition"

Distribution of dinner, breakfast and lunch tickets.

We ask every team to register until 20:00 the latest.


Dinner with music and dance with all teams and organizers, in the Love Dance Hall garden event tent. Slogan of the evening: "Ervin, what time is it? Half past six. Then still time for another shot!! :)"


Friday, 28th September 2018


Breakfast at Popeye Buffet

Opening Ceremony - Tat Coffee, Révfülöp, Halász str. 2. (GPS 46.826888, 17.629174)

Draw of Fishing Locations

Lunch together. Occupying fishing places.

Start of the competition (from this time you can go on the water. Camp preparation, place occupation is allowed earlier).


Saturday, 6th October 2018


End of the competition

Announcement of results. Lunch together. Prize drawing of valuable gifts amongst non-winning teams!

We kindly ask all teams, regardless of the achieved ranking, to honor the competition and the other teams by participating at announcement!

Please note that the teams who do not appear in the result announcement are not entitled to the prize!


The total competition time: 184 hours