General Information

The lures can be pulled into the water to any distance, no limitation applies.

Final rating will be based on the total weight of the five biggest fish caught by a team.

This competition is a team competition. Each team must be four persons whose names to be clarified before the start. All four are full-fledged competitors!!!!!

The competition takes place in designated sectors along the shore of Balaton.

Each team's camp will be designated and fenced around and inside the fences the helpers, relatives may enter only with permission of the organizers after prior arrangement.

If the hooked fish leaves the team's sector during the play, it must be lead back as soon as possible so that the other teams should not be disturbed.

The teams’ members must stay within the zone assigned to them. They must not leave it for the purpose of angling-related activities like feeding, playing, pulling out, throwing etc.)

Fishing is allowed within the sector only. Fishing and pulling lures outside the sector is forbidden! The sector will be fenced or taped around. No fishing sideways!

Each competitor must have the appropriate national fishing license.

At 16:00 on 30th September 2017 teams can start the fishing.

At the end of the competition each team is required to leave their fishing locations with all of their belongings within 120 minutes (or 2 hours). The place must be left clean and tidy.

After the competition ended teams gather at the draw location at 11:00 where the announcement of results and handing prizes will take place.

Draw process

In the first round 4 volunteers draw the name of the first team.

In the second round the first team draws their fishing places and the name of the next team. It continues until no teams left.

  1. Those who failed to register during the official registration cannot participate in the drawn and no entry fee will be refunded for them, except if they had noticed the organizers prior to registration in writing to and acceptable reason had been given. Organizers’ decisions in such cases are final.
  2. Those who failed to register in time but their registration was accepted later, will draw automatically after all the other competitors. In case there are more teams like this then they draw in order of their arrival after certifying their right to draw to the Admin Manager.
  3. If a team can not arrive to the draw scene by the end of the draw then their participation in the competition will be decided by the organizers.
  4. If a team won’t go up the stage when called for then the draw continues without their turn and the other teams draw in order. The missing teams will be called again to draw before those who were late.

Rules of fishing

Teams may have as many rods equipped as they want but at a time maximum of 6 rods can be in use.

Only one single hook (minimum size 8) is allowed on each rods with hair rig mode.

Each team can use 2 other rods at a time for rocketing or rod catapulting in addition to the 6 rods in water and one more with marker float.

During the competition only the boilie rods allowed. Feeder, match, pole, spinning, fly rods, and surf rods are not allowed for fishing.

Surf (up to 420 cm) and spod rods allowed only for rod catapulting, rocketing and marker float.

The rods which are equipped with bait for fishing must be less than 4 meter in length.

Every other rods must be kept separately when not in use. No other rods can be on the rod pods during the fishing except the ones that are in use.

Soluble lures and pastes are allowed. Using bait lead is allowed (bait can be kneaded on it). Lures can be coated with paste, the use of PVA products is allowed. Proper use of the lures is constantly monitored by the organizers, including random examinations with taking samples.

Feeding basket, method basket is prohibited!

Fluttering is allowed with almost anything (cork, plastic baits, foam rubber, floating boilies etc.)

Use of floats is forbidden!

Use of braided mainline is allowed! At least 10 meter, minimum 50 mm monofilament must be used!

Braid up to 50 centimeters in length can be used.

Lead Core shell resistant line up to 120 centimeters in length can be used.

The monofilament main line diameter must not exceed 0.5 mm.

Use of braided throwing line is forbidden!

The electronic, acoustic and visual bite alarms are allowed.

The fixed or fixable quiver tips and swing tips are prohibited!

Throwing from the water is allowed. Free to go into the water up to the breast.

Only boilies can be used as baits and must be offered with hair rig mode.

Seeds cannot be used as a bait.

Using only plastic decoys is not allowed!

Minimum diameter of the boilies offered is 12 mm, which cannot be reduced anyhow.

For bait or for feeding, use of any living or dead (not even dried) animals, bugs, worms, larvae, etc. is forbidden.

The followings can be used for feeding:

  • Baits, crumbs, granules,
  • Flours made from animals or vegetables
  • Factory or homemade boilies and pellets
  • Flavors, vegetable seeds, bait adhesives and bait lands, loess, clay
  • Using only soaked seeds are not allowed due to preservation of the fish

The amount of boiled grain is limited to 50 kg/team/day! The grain must not be cooked at the place. The amount will be checked by the judges.

Use of bait boat is allowed!

During the competition each team can use a total of 5 marker buoys, which can be equipped with lighting.

Compressed air, gas or electric powered devices are prohibited for taking feeding material into water.

Feeding slingshot, rid catapult, throwing stick, rocket, spomb and PVA products are allowed.

Using high performance spotlights towards the water surface is forbidden but lighting devices are free to use in tents or under sunshades. Headlamps are also free to use during angling-related activities.

When it’s dark, the fishing zone shall be appropriately enlightened.

Tents, party tents, sunshades, camp equipment, personal things shall be placed at the fishing zone or within the camp.

The teams cannot leave their cars at the fishing place (exceptions will be noted).

For successful landing of the hooked fish assistance can be used (team mate, other helper, other team's member).

Only the properly hooked fish which caught with hook in the mouth are evaluated. If the fish dies before weighing, it will not be weighed. In this case, the judge will investigate the circumstances of the loss of fish and if liability is ascertained penalties will be assessed for the team. The penalty depending on the extent of wrongful conduct can be warning or disqualification. Only the judge is entitled for determining the penalty.

All the fish caught must be stored in carp sacks until weighing. Store each fish in separate carp sacks. After weighing the fish must be released back to the lake gently.

Catching all carps above 15 kg and grass carps above 15 kg should be reported immediately. In these cases, the colored disinfectant is prohibited before photography.

We ask everyone to pay special attention on placing the fish on mats because otherwise the stones on the ground can easily harm the fish.

The fish must be placed on moistened carp mats and carp sacks. The fish must be kept alive in carp sacks during the contest and the sack should be completely under the water.

Teams must have a minimum of 10 carp sacks which the organizers can check at the beginning of the competition.

Immediate weighing should be sought in case of carp sack becomes full.

When using the carp sacks - especially of the poor quality carp sacks - fins may get stuck so while freeing fins the priority must be protecting the fish, even if it causes damage or perishing of the carp sack. In case the carp sack must be cut due to fish protection reasons, the team cannot claim the organizers for those kinds of damages.

Required equipment: minimum 1, preferably 3 pieces of carp mats (good quality), a minimum 2 pcs of 90x90 cm thick weave landing net (boilie dragnet) and fish antiseptic. The equipment listed is checked during registration and throughout the competition by organizers with random checks. Missing any of the items the team cannot start the competition and if started already, the team to be suspended until the replacement of the missing item. In this case, the suspended team can raise neither a financial nor a moral claim against the organizers for the disadvantage suffered.

Fish will be weighed if it was hooked before the end of the competition but the play and landing is completed after the official end of the competition.

Rules of weighing

Teams must send their request for weighing in SMS using XY/1 format.

for example: if the team 43 catches their first fish to weigh than they send 43/1. If they catch the tenth fish, they send 43/10. The weighing team will go to a team only when the send SMS to the appropriate number.

Every carps, koi carps and grass carps above 5 kg will be weighed and included in the competition. This means the fish must be at least 5001 gram.

Weighing takes continuously except from 6PM to 8AM. Weighing must be carried out within the sector of the team with the presence of the weighing person, minimum one team member and one member of the neighbor team.

When weighing the weight of the fish must be clearly visible to the organizers and the competitors.

In addition to the organizers only the weighing persons, the contestants and the judges may tell or notice any complaints regarding the weighing.

All fish must be weighed in the weighing sack provided by the organizers. This is wetted and the tare determined before each measurement.

All fish caught should be prescribed for the weighing sheets one by one in grams (eg. 5213 gr). The measurements are carried out by the designated helpers.

The catch data added to a weighing sheet in triplicate form, authenticated by the signature of the catching competitor the weighing person and one member of the neighbor team. Original page goes to weighing team, the other copies left at the teams. The forms will be collected by the organizers after the competition.

Protestation against the weighing is not possible afterwards.

Until measuring team arrives to fishing place, carp sack with fish inside should be kept in the water. Then the fish is put over to the weighing net and placed on the measuring surface. After weighing the fish must be released.

Updated information of the standings will be published on the official website and Facebook page of the competition.


Immediate disqualification from competition:

  • Any violation against the official regulations discovered by the water authorities
  • If any team member enters the water by boat during 2nd level storm warning. The head jury has the right to disqualify the team. Protestation against his decision is not possible.
  • Fishing outside (sideways) of the sectors
  • If a fish is negligently injured or mutilated
  • Harsh treatment of the fish
  • The use of not permitted lures and equipment
  • Fraud
  • Being late (The team does not arrive at the opening ceremony)
  • Starting fishing or feeding before the official start of competition.

Warning (after the second warning disqualification will follow):

  • If anyone else than the team members is feeding or tiring
  • If the team relies on external help without permission
  • If anyone of the team members acts not worthy of being fisherman.
  • If the fish are not stored properly.
  • Being under influence of alcohol or any other mind-altering drugs

The organizers have the right, all the time during the competition and at the time of the announcement of the results, to impose sanctions on the fishermen, teams or helpers if they commit any abuse.

In any other cases which are not described by the rules, the organizers' resolutions apply.


If the starting date of the competition is changed, than the finishing date of the competition will also be extended so the duration of the competition to be 146 hours.

In case the competition must be finished before the official ending date due to unforeseen circumstances (eg weather.) proceed as follows:

If the total duration has not reached 24 hours the competition must be repeated in the same year.

If the duration was more than 24 hours than the competition will be extended with the period lost.

If the remaining time is less than 24 hours, the competition ends.

Only the organizers can decide in any cases.

Boat usage

All activities must comply with the Balaton Police Regulations. Lifejacket, suitable fixing rope etc.

Obligatory equipment of the boat is the following: life vests for all those adults who cannot swim but minimum one piece. Row for each adult in a boat, in accordance to its propulsion, but minimum one row.  Minimum one anchor, weighing at least 5% of the boat’s net weight without an anchor. (Anchor can be replaced with any harmless objects). 1 piece and minimum 1 liter capacity bowl, minimum 10 meters rope or chain suitable for anchoring and fixing. Electric, white light and flexible head lamp to be able to light towards any forthcoming vehicles. Requirement is a spare bulb or a light which has several independent diodes (LED) and electric source for the time between dusk till dawn.

Persons under the age of 18 can only use the boat with adult supervision during the competition.


  • Final rating will be based on the total weight of the five biggest fish caught by a team.
  • In case of equal total weights the team who caught the biggest fish will have priority.
  • If there is still an equal, then the priority concerns the team, who caught the more average weight (total weight/pc).

Classification in the North vs. South competition.  Total weight of the fish caught by the northern and southern teams will be compared. The teams who have the more in weight will get the special prize. It there's an equal the average weight will count.

Other provisions

During the competition lighting fire is prohibited! Gas-fired heating and cooking appliances may be used with special caution. Team members are under joint and several financial liabilities for any damages they cause to the lake and surroundings.

The organizers ask everyone to comply with the written and unwritten rules of nature conservation and civilized behavior especially the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption. The organizers of the competition draw the attention of the participants to comply with laws relating to the use and possession of narcotics and mind-altering drugs.

The participants contribute to the public and marketing use of photo and video material made by the organizers during the competition.

During the competition contestants may place banners and other advertising media only with permission of the organizers.

The organizers, operators of the lake, the owner of the area do not assume any financial or other kind of responsibility for the physical damage of the team members of the participating teams, their guests and visitors and any physical damage or misuse of their valuables. Competitors take part in the competition at their own risk. Competition is visited by everyone at their own risk.

The teams can have visitors daily from 09.00 to 17.00. Visitors are required to park their vehicles at the designated visitor parking place and will not be admitted to the field of competition. Visitors are required to tell the organizers which team they are visiting.

With their registration to the competition the team members accept the Competition Rules and consider to be binding upon them.

Organizers reserve the right to modify the Competition Rules with the proviso that within 30 days prior to the start of competition the Competition Rules can only be modified due to significantly influencing factors.

Our competition’s rules abide by and include all relevant local rules, and have been reviewed and authorized by appropriate local authorities.

All competitors and Helpers accept that they have to provide all necessary document required by the organizers as criteria to a successful registration.

All competitors and Helpers to sign event disclaimer.

Official group photo is to be taken prior to the draw (planned time 10:30)

Organizers wish everyone a lot of success, pleasant fishing, much fun and sacks full of carp!